Martin Hutchinson

Martin Hutchinson

Martin Hutchinson was born in London, brought up in Cheltenham, England, and has lived in Singapore, Croatia, London, suburban Washington, and since 2011 in Poughkeepsie, NY. He was a merchant banker for more than twenty-five years before moving into financial journalism in 2000. He earned his undergraduate degree in mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

More information about Martin is available on his True Blue Will Never Stain site where he publishes a long running weekly financial column titled "The Bear's Lair". You may also be interested in Martin's podcast: Tory Stories.

Martin is also the author of Forging Modernity, ©The Lutterworth Press, 2023, Great Conservatives, ©Academica Press, 2004 and with Professor Kevin Dowd, of Alchemists of Loss ©Wiley, 2010.

Martin can be contacted using this form.

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